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The new book

I'm still wrestling my way through my first edit on book 3. I''m making so many changes in language.Taming it down a little? But I love writing and reading love scenes. Maybe the main couples get to have more fun in  Read More 
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Carter or Clifford?

I'm undecided. Should I call this bad guy Carter Wills or Clifford Wills?
I'm almost finished organizing book three and getting it ready for serious editing.
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The New Book -- Carter or Clifford?

Boy, I'm organizing book 3 and there is so much to keep track of. Sometimes I don't remember which file a scene is in then I have to spend 20 minutes just finding it.

I have 300 pages braided together with about 150 to go. I'm undecided about a name for one of my bad guys. At one  Read More 
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Next two books in progress

The first book, "Now and Forever, a Love Story" is launched. Now I have to finish my last edit of book two: "Now and Forever Again, the Book of Danny". Plus, I'm 65% through the first draft of book three, "Now and Forever After, Blind Love."

Boy a trilogy is a lot of work.
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More about the next books...

But I'm loving it. I have new characters in every book...plus the same characters we all fall in love with in the previous books. It just wouldn't be a book without Mac and Callie!

More to you soon. Still have one or two people to kill off. Bad guys bite the dust!
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