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My blog

Visit my blog at: http://jeanjoachim.blogspot.com

On Saturdays I have Sweet Saturday Samples from my sweet contemporary romance

On Sundays I have Six Sentence Sunday, a six-sentence sample from Now and Forever 1, a Love Story

all available at: http://jeanjoachim.blogspot.com

Stop by, leave a comment. I'd love to meet you.
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Callie's Sister

Callie is so happy that her sister Sarah has moved to Willow Falls. Sarah has come with her two children, Laura and Scottie but without her husband, Bob, who was killed in a car crash.

Sarah is trying to write a book, so Callie put her and her family in the rented house next  Read More 
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Callie Talks!

Callie wants to speak to her fans, but she's feeling shy. So she will talk through me, as she has always done. She wants to thank everyone who likes her story. She wants to assure you all that Mac really is what he seems.

However, once she started using their credit card, he got  Read More 
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You know what pisses me off?

I love my kids more than myself, but I'd like to get my hands on the person who invented the phrase, the idea of "empty nest". My younger son went off to college last year and I've never had a more creative or productive time, written three novels and felt free and unstressed. This " Read More 
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Adding stories

I have several characters that have self-contained stories from book 3. I'm thinking about adding their story as a free read to the website. It would be about 60 pages. Would any of you be interested in reading a story that long on the site? Is this a good idea? Please let me know what you think.
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I have received two good reviews and they are posted on amazon.com. The woman from Bookaholics Romance Book Club had some helpful suggestions. If you read that review, please send me your comments.
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The new book

I'm still wrestling my way through my first edit on book 3. I''m making so many changes in language.Taming it down a little? But I love writing and reading love scenes. Maybe the main couples get to have more fun in  Read More 
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Carter or Clifford?

I'm undecided. Should I call this bad guy Carter Wills or Clifford Wills?
I'm almost finished organizing book three and getting it ready for serious editing.
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The New Book -- Carter or Clifford?

Boy, I'm organizing book 3 and there is so much to keep track of. Sometimes I don't remember which file a scene is in then I have to spend 20 minutes just finding it.

I have 300 pages braided together with about 150 to go. I'm undecided about a name for one of my bad guys. At one  Read More 
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Next two books in progress

The first book, "Now and Forever, a Love Story" is launched. Now I have to finish my last edit of book two: "Now and Forever Again, the Book of Danny". Plus, I'm 65% through the first draft of book three, "Now and Forever After, Blind Love."

Boy a trilogy is a lot of work.
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