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More about the next books...

But I'm loving it. I have new characters in every book...plus the same characters we all fall in love with in the previous books. It just wouldn't be a book without Mac and Callie!

More to you soon. Still have one or two people to kill off. Bad guys bite the dust!
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The book is published!

Now and Forever, A Love Story was published on Kindle on Saturday. I received a lovely email from a reader who wants to know when the sequel to the first will be coming out.

I am now working to finish editing Now and Forever Again, the second book. Then I'll post the first chapter.

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I'm a non-fiction writer with seven published books, so I thought I'd take a crack at romance, because...one day two
characters popped into my head and I couldn't shake them.

In fact, I sort of fell in love with them and felt that their story needed to be told. So I sat down  Read More 
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